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Semantic Restructuring is the pursuit of enlightenment, enlivenment, empowerment through the creative re-arranging of the building blocks of meaning. For a better description, Start Here.

Article Summaries and Abstracts

Inductive Language Patterns

As in, "Language patterns for inducing hypnosis." Started life as Grinder and Bandler's "Milton Model," but the modern incarnation varies sufficiently to warrant the re-labeling. Want to put people in trance? Master these sentence patterns.

Home of No-Hands Speed Reading

"Look Ma, No Hands! Speed Reading with Semantic Restructuring" is ready for download as a single pdf file. The odd title is a reminder of at least one improvement of this method over industry standards: Semantic Restructuring methods have created a speed reading method that doesn't require using the hand to pace the eye. Download the book, do the drills for three weeks, and you be the judge.

I've also put the site's only donation button on the "Look Ma" download page. There's no actual quid-pro-quo, but that seems the kindest place to remind folks that this site is a labor of love and a not-entirely-trivial expense in time and money. 'Nuff said.

Challenge the Computer!

Play "The Prisoner's Dilemma" against the computer. It's free, fun and good for your brain.

Semantic Restructuring in Action

Semantic Restructuring's first document, this deconstruction of Grinder and Bandler's "Six Step Re-frame" tells you what is really going on with this mainstay of early N-LP methods.

ISR Glossary

The bits and pieces of jargon that make their way into my writing, especially anything I think you won't find by using the define feature at google. Find it here.


Email: rl (at) robertlink (dot) org.

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